Excellent Divorce Attorney

Posted by Amy
July 20, 2022

Zak helped me through a difficult divorce that took over a year to finalize. There were some complicated assets to divide, three children involved and selling of a home. Zak was incredibly responsive. No question was a dumb question. He was clear with his legal advice and provide options if they were available. He would give me recommendations as to the best decision and why. My kids went through difficult situations and he was always available to consult as needed. In addition to his prompt responses and strong legal advice he walked me through the process with care knowing he understood the impact of a life changing decision such as this one. I highly recommend Zak. You will be in excellent hands should you choose to hire him.

Professional, Ethical, Patient, Open and Honest

Posted by JG
April 16, 2020

Professional, Ethical, Patient, Open and Honest, are ALL qualities that I would use to describe Zak Kretchmer. Nothing about my divorce was “normal” or “easy,” if divorce is ever that. However, if you want an Attorney who will have your back, Zak is your counsel. From the date of hire, Zak was great at preparing me for the process both as it related to our financial situation, child support and custody and spousal maintenance. My focus was my daughter and to receive equitable assets of my 15 year marriage. Zak’s patience in answering custody and financial questions cannot be surpassed. The financials in my marriage were complex and mostly taken care of by my ex-husband, so this process was relatively new to me. However, Zak was there to provide detailed explanations, guidance and recommendations that I am forever thankful for. When things got heated, Zak was quick to respond and remind me of his role and our goals in the divorce. Even after the Decree was signed, Zak has provided further assistance and referrals that have gone above and beyond my expectations as a Divorce Attorney. Not only would I recommend Zak but I am grateful that I had him in my corner during the most challenging time of my life. With his help, I have successfully navigated divorce and done so with dignity and grace.

A Kind and Empathetic Leader and Friend

Posted by RF
April 26, 2020

Zachary helped me through a time when I was blinded by the reality of my divorce. He kept me focused and always used a gentle approach with me and my ex. He is a very skilled at handling all related matters in a professional manner. His demeanor is calm but persuasive when necessary which makes him a great advocate for your best interests and that of your children. He would always tell me “Goodness and Light”. In the beginning this was not something I could see, but now I clearly understand. He is someone I will always consider a friend

Helpful, respectful, direct and realistic!

Posted by JW
August 8, 2019

From day one, Zak’s demeanor and attitude towards my case was extremely professional. Not only did he treat me like a client, but he treated me like a person — respected by feelings, my emotions, my POV and my situation. By nature, his work is very sensitive and things can be complex when feelings are involved. He “dumbed things down” for me when needed, he was able to articulate and clearly lay out a gameplan for my case, and kept me apprised of the status of my case continuously. Zak was also very timely and thorough in his responses, both to me and opposing counsel. I appreciated that he kept things moves as expeditiously as possible. He made sure that I had realistic expectations, wasn’t afraid to give me his professional opinion and told me if/when I was out of line. Most importantly, I always felt like Zak had my back and had my best interests in mind. I would definitely refer Zak on to others seeking professional advice surrounding divorce and separation.

Tough case

Posted by SV
March 4, 2019

I found Zak to be a good, honest and compassionate lawyer. I had a very difficult case to handle dissolving a 41 year marriage. I also really appreciated the fact that he was available when ever I needed him (witch was often). He guided me to the best possible outcome all things considered. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone!

Trustworthy and Knowledgeable Lawyer

Posted by MBW
June 22, 2015

Zak Kretchmer is the lawyer you want to represent you if you are going through a divorce. He is professional, a very good listener and will counsel you in what are the best steps you need to take going through a marriage dissolution. He will always get back to you and keep you informed as to what to expect next. He is very personable man, very knowledgeable and interested in doing the best job he can for you. He kept me positive and was able to work an outcome for me that was very fair. I appreciate all the hard work he did in my behalf to make my Divorce as painless as possible. I rate him a very Honest and Excellent lawyer.

Single Father Of Two

Posted by J
June 8, 2015

He is a great lawyer and I feel he became a friend! This man helped me in my time of need when I didn’t know where to turn! He does wonderful work for single fathers!!! After everything we have been through together I still can’t thank him enough! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You So Much Zachary!!! There were two people who kept me strong and helped me be the father that I am today, and you were one of them!! You are the best!!! And if anyone is wondering, he is worth every cent!!! Listen to him, he works with you for you!! You are in great hands with Zak in your corner!!!

Top Notch Family Law Attorney in MN

Posted by HL
April 25, 2018

Zach is super professional, extremely knowledgable in the area of family law and very warm and personable. I had a very complicated divorce. Zach handled it superbly! Many people I meet are astonished that he was able to get for me, a father, total custody of my minor daughter. I recommend Zach and his firm to anyone who needs help in the area of family law.

I Highly Recommend Zachary Kretchmer

Posted by JS
June 14, 2017

Going into my divorce, I had many concerns. My children and wife’s well-being, custody/child support, and financial settlement were at the top. Zak’s goal setting, game planning, and execution exceeded my expectations on all accounts. Through the entire process, Zak and team were very professional and I always felt I had the best representation in my corner. I would highly recommend Zachary Kretchmer.

Look no further – hire Zak

Posted by anonymous
May 5, 2017

I was referred to Zak by a trusted friend, and I am beyond thankful for his guidance and support as I navigated through my divorce this past year. I had many concerns regarding my financial well-being, child custody and support and spousal maintenance, as I was transitioning from being a stay-at-home-mom to a single, working mother to a 3-year-old little boy. Zak made me feel comfortable right away and took the time to prepare me for every step in the process, paying extra attention to details that were of highest importance to me. He advocated for the best interest of my little boy and I, and was by my side for every financial and child custody mediation appointment. He promptly responded to all of my phone calls and emails and patiently answered my questions in a way that made sense to me, without making me feel inferior or overwhelmed with lawyer jargon. I could not be happier with the end results of my divorce and my experience with Zak. He is an incredible lawyer – but equally as important, he is a trustworthy, loyal, stand-up guy. Look no further – hire Zak.

Experienced and Astute Guidance

Posted by anonymous
October 29, 2016

Mr. Kretchmer provides a very transparent and clear view of the case at hand and has a great step-wise approach to dealing with the multiple, and at times, unique aspects of the legal process. In my specific case, Mr. Kretchmer along with his team provided excellent guidance and advice throughout the course of the proceedings and and integrated my feedback at every step. Great attorney with access to a great knowledge base.